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Our team of skilled artists, with their diverse styles and expertise, are here to turn your ideas into breathtaking works of art. From intricate designs to bold statements, each tattoo is crafted with precision and passion, ensuring that every client leaves with a piece as unique as they are. Whether it's your first tattoo or you're adding to a collection, we're dedicated to making your experience unforgettable. Embrace the journey of self-discovery and adorn your skin with ink that speaks volumes.

Concrete Wall



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Specializes in minimalistic, watercolor , Fine-line style tattoos. 
A tattoo is a silent declaration, a tangible attitude, and a belief with a touch of pain. 
We bond through the art of tattoo, and I will do my best to satisfy every client's ideas and requirements. 

Scratch Tattoo Amber
Scratch Tattoo Wilber (Way)


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I am a fine-line tattoo artist specializing in geometric designs. In the world of geometry, I weave lines and shapes into unique works of art, each creation representing a profound connection with the geometric realm. With every stroke, I reveal the mysteries of geometry, crafting intricate patterns that transform tattoos into expressions of artistry. Within the captivating world of geometry, I ensure each client receives a truly unique artistic experience through abstract line artistry.

Wilber (Way)

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Hey there, I'm Wilber, and some people call me Way—a tattoo artist with six years of experience. Started off doing fine line tattoos, but then I stumbled upon anime tattoos and got hooked! Love the detail they offer, lets me flex my skills to the max. Big fan of anime myself, but hey, I'm not just about anime ink. Whether it's sleek black and grey or popping colors, I'm all in. Ready to ink up your favorite stuff, so hit me up!

Scratch Tattoo Jadyn
Concrete Wall
Concrete Wall


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